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Child custody guidelines are a tool for DC Superior Court

Chief Judge Lee Satterfield of the DC Superior Court responded to proposed custody attorney practice standards that CCE sent to the Court in July 2011. His letter began:

"We wish to express our gratitude for the diligent efforts and Final Report and Proposed Practice Standards for Attorneys representing children in cases involving custody and visitation disputes. The Final Report appropriately addresses the need for uniformity in practice standards to guide attorneys who represent children in these cases."

Chief Judge Satterfield's letter ended saying, "We will be drafting Practice Standards and are likely to use the fine work of the Committee in that regard with modifications we believe are appropriate."

CCE's proposed standards had been drafted by a committee of lawyers with experience in custody cases that involve court-appointed children's lawyers. On the major issue where CCE's project committee did not reach consensus, Chief Judge Satterfield's letter indicates that the standards the Court will draft follow the position advocated by the minority of our committee rather than the position advocated by the majority of our committee.

Read Chief Judge Satterfield's January 26, 2012 response here.

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