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CCE Publishes New Report on Challenges and Innovations in D.C.'s Criminal Justice System in 2020

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On May 11, 2021 CCE published D.C.’s Justice Systems Overview 2020, a new report that offers a data-forward snapshot of the significant challenges and innovations faced by the District’s adult and youth criminal legal systems over the last 18 months. 2020 showed that even in the midst of intersecting crises, the people of Washington, D.C. stand up for change in the criminal legal system and for racial justice. As the District of Columbia grapples with enduring disparities and begins to emerge from the added crisis of COVID-19, “people power” will remain the driving force to seed progress and build momentum. “The data in this report – and the lived experiences they represent – show just how far we have to go. At the same time, we encourage readers and change-makers to claim and maintain their victories, no matter how small they may seem in the face of tragedy.” says Misty Thomas, Executive Director of the Council for Court Excellence.    

This report, supported by Public Welfare Foundation, presents the most recent available data in five areas of concern: Policing and Violence; Adult Prosecution and the Courts; Incarceration; Reentry; and Youth Justice. CCE offers this report to support policymakers’, journalists’, and interested members of the public’s understanding of where the District is now and where it is heading.

“Building off of Public Welfare Foundation’s 2019 report,
D.C.’s Justice Systems: An Overview, CCE’s newest report provides comprehensive updates on various challenges and developments in D.C.’s criminal legal system, highlighting the deep harm both the pandemic and longstanding discriminatory practices have caused our community, namely D.C.’s Black residents, while also discussing promising developments and much needed reforms,” says Ms. Thomas.  

Special acknowledgement to CCE's Casey Anderson for serving as the primary report author, and to Adam Bernbaum for his support on data collection, data analysis, and drafting.

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