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Scarlet Oak Circle

The Scarlet Oak Circle recognizes individuals who give a cumulative annual amount of $1,200 or more, exclusive of board dues and event tickets.

We take the name of our donor recognition program from the District of Columbia’s official tree, the scarlet oak (quercus coccinea). In many cultures throughout the ages, oak trees have symbolized several admirable traits, including stability, community, leadership, and generosity. As D.C.’s official tree, the scarlet oak is the perfect symbol to identify CCE’s most generous donors, who demonstrate leadership in ensuring CCE’s financial stability, which helps improve justice for the entire community.

Click here to join the Scarlet Oak Circle with an annual gift of $1,200 or more. Secure online donations can be one-time or automatically recurring (monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

Scarlet Oak Circle
Individual Donors who contributed $1,200 or more between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023

Ron & Anne Abramson

Allyson Baker

Debra Belott

Caryl Bernstein

Josh Bernstein

Abigail Blomstrom

Hon. Diane Brenneman

Jay Brozost

Kierstan Carlson

Karen Ellis Carr

Kevin Chambers

Paulette Chapman

David Cox

Frederick Curry, III

David Cynamon

Cary Feldman

Leslye Givarz

Laura Handman

Sarah Hartley

Michael Hays

James Hulme

Toni Michelle Jackson

Ellen Jakovic & David Lipman

Jonathan Jeffress

John Kennedy

Peter Kolker

June Kress

Maryanne Lavan

 John & Deborah Majoras

Julia Matthews
Patrick McGlone & Kevin Taylor

Fritz Mulhauser
Irvin Nathan & Judith Walters

Amy Neuhardt
Marianela Peralta
Thorn & Sharis Pozen
Steuart Thomsen
Leslie Thornton
James Tuite
Joanne Zimolzak

CCE appreciates gifts of any amount, which provide resources essential for justice excellence in the District of Columbia. Many thanks to all of our dedicated supporters.

 We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists. Please bring any omissions or errors to our attention.

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