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Community Education Booklets
Jury Service Appreciation Campaign Fact Sheet

Tips for courts to create their own jury service appreciation campaigns, based on CCE's decade-long experience conducting such appreciation campaigns. Developed in the 1990's and utilized by many states, the ideas for conducting your own campaing are still current.

Practice Manual for Child Abuse and Neglect Cases in the District of Columbia
Practice Manual for Child Abuse and Neglect Cases in the District of Columbia

This comprehensive guide to neglect and abuse practices in the DC Superior Court Family Court has been written and peer-reviewed by experienced child neglect practitioners. Joanne Schamest and Leslie Susskand are the editors.

Jury Duty: Tips for Citizens
Jury Duty: Tips for Citizens

This short brochure provides much needed information for jurors. Some of the topics the brochure touches upon are: What to do when summoned for jury duty? What to expect if you fail to appear for jury duty. Should you drive or ride public transportation? Be prepared to spend time waiting.

Compliments and Complaints Guide
Compliments and Complaints Guide

The Council for Court Excellence is pleased to present its Compliments and Complaints Guide. This guide gathers in one place information about how to submit compliments or comments and how to make and resolve complaints about any professional in the DC justice system. The information in this guide comes from sixteen courts and agencies in the District that provided details about their compliment and complaint referral process.

Truancy Law Training Materials Packet
Truancy Law Training Materials Packet
Shutting Off the School-to-Prison Pipeline


Truancy Law Training Q&A
Comments to Historic Preservation Board on CORE DC Facility

CCE submitted comments to the DC HIstoric Preservation Board regarding the instant historic landmark designation application filed for the site of CORE DC's new men's halfway house. CCE urged the Board to reject the application so CORE DC can move forward with construction, and the DIstrict can open a new halfway house for men. 

Thrive Under 25 COVID-19 Letter to the Mayor and DC Council

In May 2020 CCE joined local advocates to write to the DC Council and Mayor Bowswer with recommendations for further COVID-19 responsive actions in DC's criminal legal system to better meet the needs of people who are incarcerated or returning home to the District from prison and jail. CCE is actively leading work on several of the recommendations in coalition with our partners.

February 27, 2020

CCE Executive Director Misty Thomas testified before the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety of the Council of the District of Columbia at the Performance Oversight Hearing for the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants.

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