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Our History

After the DC Bar released the groundbreaking "Horsky Report" in 1982 calling for improvements in the court system, community leaders identified the need for an independent group to advance this work.

To address these concerns, leaders of the city's civic, legal, and business sectors founded the Council for Court Excellence to help local and federal courts respond to increasing demands and escalating community expectations.

Under the leadership of founders Charles A. Horsky and Samuel F. Harahan, the Council set an ambitious agenda of identifying,developing and advocating needed reforms, and programs to improve understanding of and support for the justice system.

CCE has built a substantial record of success in the major justice system reform initiatives we have undertaken. CCE was the moving force behind the adoption of the one day/one trial jury system in the DC Superior Court, modernization of trial jury and grand jury systems, reform of the District of Columbia probate laws and procedures, reform of the DC administrative adjudication system, improvement in court handling of child neglect and abuse cases, expansion of crime victim rights, and proposed solutions to speed resolution of criminal and civil cases.

To improve the public's access to justice and increase understanding of our justice system, the Council over the years has published and distributed more than 360,000 copies of free, plain-language booklets and other materials explaining a wide variety of court systems and legal issues.

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