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Justice Education

Since 1982, CCE’s Justice Education Committee (formerly called the Public Service Committee) has worked to educate the District of Columbia community about local justice issues. To this end, the committee publishes plain English guides concerning D.C. justice issues, and also conducts presentations based on these guides throughout the community.

To best take advantage of the advances in technology over the past several decades, CCE is evolving its approach to justice education. As of 2020, 86% of D.C. residents lived in a household connected to high-speed internet. The internet has changed how people consume information, with less people relying on long-form narratives and books, and more people learning from websites, online videos, and other digital media. Pursuing justice education through online platforms will ensure that CCE is able to continually increase the number of D.C. residents it reaches and supports.


The Committee is co-chaired by Paulette Chapman, Koonz McKenny, and John Ingrassia, Proskauer. The staff liaison is Marissa Ram.

Some of the Committee’s ongoing projects in 2023 focus on:

  • Promoting and expanding our School Jury Education Program (SJEP)
  • Developing a D.C. Special Education Guide
  • Updating CCE’s Abuse and Neglect Manual
  • Updating CCE’s Probate Guide

Recent publications: 


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