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 Over the years, CCE has conducted extensive research and led countless advocacy efforts around the unique challenges faced by

 people with criminal records and those returning home from incarceration. One thing we have learned is the importance of employment opportunities, especially given that there are increased barriers for returning citizens.To address those barriers, CCE, along with Georgetown University's Pivot Program, has established the Second Chance Hiring Alliance (SCHA).

The SCHA works to strengthen the connections between D.C. area employers, job readiness and workforce development programs, community-based organizations that provide services to justice-impacted residents, and D.C. government agencies that support justice-impacted residents and employment initiatives. It will also focus on making it easier for employers to hire justice-impacted people by building relationships between employers and job readiness programs, while centering the experiences and perspectives of justice-impacted residents. 

Please email Gene Downing if you or your employer is interested in learning more about the SCHA's work or would like to become a member.

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