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Participate in CCE's Oral History Project!

This year the Council for Court Excellence is proud to be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of our founding in 1982. As part of this year’s special anniversary activities, we are establishing the CCE Oral History Project. 

During November, CCE’s Oral History Project will collect videos of leaders from throughout our history reflecting on the most influential projects of the last four decades. We are inviting current and former members of the Board of Directors, staff, and other CCE community partners to self-record a video about a CCE initiative or project in which you were involved. All of the oral histories will be posted on CCE’s YouTube channel and saved in our archives for posterity. Additionally, we expect to share a few excerpts as part of the 40th Anniversary celebration on December 8 (details forthcoming), or as part of an overview video about CCE’s impact over the years, if resources allow.

Everyone who is connected to CCE is invited to participate. If you have been involved with any of the impactful projects from our 40-year history, we want to ensure that your reflections on its formation and impacts are included. If you would like to record more than one video history, we’d also welcome any other project stories you’d like to share!


Instructions and Tips for Recording a CCE Oral History Video

WHAT: Participate in CCE’s Oral History Project by recording a video in which you share a fond memory about or describe the importance of a CCE project in which you participated. You can share your story in whatever way you like; we want to each video to reflect you and your passion, humor, pride, etc. Although sometimes tricky, you will ideally keep each video concise, so you may have to pick one particular anecdote to share or focus on why you thought the project made a difference.

WHEN: The deadline for submission is November 30, 2022.

HOW: You have several options for how you can submit your oral history video.

  • First, you can self-record a video from your phone or computer and email it directly to the CCE staff at Note that a computer webcam is preferable to a cell phone, but either is acceptable.
  • Second, you can use Vidday, the website that CCE has set up to make self-recording short videos easy. If your video is less than 4 minutes long (which is the ideal maximum length), you can simply record via the interface at Vidday and not worry about uploading or emailing anything.
  • Third, you can come to CCE’s office (1111 14th Street NW) on Friday, November 18 or Tuesday, November 22 between 10am and 4pm either day to be recorded by a staff member.


  • Introduce yourself. Please start the video with 1) your name, 2) any affiliation that led to your participation in CCE (e.g. current or former employer), 3) any leadership roles you had or have with CCE’s Board, and 4) the approximate year you first got involved with CCE.
  • Introduce the project. Briefly name the project after your personal introduction, noting what the final result/report/event of the effort was and your role/involvement in the project.
  • Time limit. We ask that each video be no more than five (5) minutes long. Some “historians” may want to draft up an outline, while others will be more comfortable speaking informally. Either way, we encourage you to do at least one timed practice round before recording and adjust the length or level of detail of your remarks accordingly.


  • What led to the creation of this project? Where did the idea come from and why did CCE agree it was important for the organization to tackle?
  • Who were some of the critical participants who made the project a success? What was it about their involvement that was so helpful or influential?
  • What, if anything, was important about the process used in the project? How was the approach unique or influential in creating the final results?
  • Any particularly memorable moment during the project that has always stuck with you? Something that changed the way someone thought about an important issue? A turning point in the project? A funny or dramatic interaction?
  • What have been the most important impacts of this project?
  • How would you describe the continued relevance or significance of the project today?
  • What are you most proud of related to your involvement in this CCE project?

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