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New Reports Highlight Criminal Justice Issues to Tackle in 2022

Read the full reports here:
• The Future of Policing in the District: A Roundtable Discussion on Reform
• What if We Were in Charge? Imagining a Future Without a Federalized Justice System in D.C.
• Our Children in Crisis: A Focus on D.C.’s Crossover Youth
• Confusion and Exclusion: Impacts of the Hazy State of D.C. Marijuana Legalization on People with Criminal Records


Between May and September of 2021, CCE and the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor (ODCA) hosted four forums on emerging and critical criminal justice issues in the District. They tackled: the future of policing; local control of D.C.’s civil and criminal legal systems and the possibility of statehood; children who are involved in both the juvenile justice and foster care systems; and the impacts of marijuana policy on people with criminal records. By the end of the year, CCE and ODCA partnered to publish a white paper on each forum that includes an executive summary, a transcript of the conversation, participant biographies, and a bibliography for further reading.

“These reports reflect the thoughts and recommendations of experts, local stakeholders, and individuals personally affected by the law. By bringing together different perspectives, experiences, and professions, we are better able to understand the issues, and discuss solutions that are informed by both best practices and community needs. These reports provide roadmaps for changes that D.C. leaders can, and should, make in the new year,” says CCE's Executive Director Misty Thomas.

As we enter 2022 with a renewed commitment to improving the District’s justice systems, these reports – which address barriers to reform, explore how community perceptions and needs are being addressed, and dig into viable options for change – offer policymakers, advocates, and residents the information necessary to understand the issues and call for change.

“The new year will certainly bring its own set of challenges, especially as we continue to navigate the pandemic. We offer these reports particularly to policymakers to assist them in addressing pressing criminal justice issues, improving community safety, and supporting our broader community. We are proud to have supported the publication of such urgent, necessary reports and greatly appreciate our partnership with CCE,” says D.C. Auditor Kathy Patterson.

Video recordings of all four forums can also be found on CCE’s YouTube channel.

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