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New CCE Videos Explain Assisted Decision-Making Tools Available in the District

In March 2019, CCE published When Adults Need Help Making Decisions and Managing Daily Affairs, a guide that explains in non-technical language the resources that are available to people in the D.C. area who, because of illness, physical or intellectual disabilities, aging, injury or dementia, may need extra help when making important life decisions, handling their finances, or dealing with similar responsibilities of everyday life. With support from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, CCE has published two of four educational videos on assisted decision-making tools discussed in When Adults Need Help. The first two videos discuss Supported Decision-Making Agreements and Substitute Health Care Decision-Makers. The videos explain what these tools are, who can serve as either a Supported Decision-Maker or Substitute Health Care Decision-Maker, and how to set up each tool. 

You can watch the Supported Decision-Making Agreements video by clicking
here and can watch the Substitute Health Care Decision-Maker video by clicking here.

CCE anticipates finalizing the final two videos this fall, stay tuned!



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