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District Task Force on Jails & Justice Publishes Report Card Examining Implementation Status of Phase II Recommendations


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On June 29, 2023, the District Task Force on Jails & Justice (Task Force) released Jails & Justice: Tracking Change, a comprehensive report detailing the implementation status of 77 recommendations found in the Task Force’s Phase II report, Jails & Justice: Our Transformation Starts Today

This report card reviewed Task Force recommendations that were slated to be implemented in Fiscal Years (FY) 2021 and 2022. The Task Force found that only two (or roughly 2%) of the 77 recommendations reviewed were fully implemented by the District more than two years after the Phase II report was released. 47% of the recommendations reviewed have not been implemented or have even begun to be implemented.


This report comes at a critical time, as the District just passed one of its leanest budgets yet – cutting funding from essential programs aimed at supporting D.C. residents who interact with our justice system. It also comes at a time when policymakers are attempting to introduce and pass legislation to address public safety issues in the District without adequate research or community engagement, proposing reforms that would expand the District’s criminal legal system footprint and infringe upon the due process rights of its citizens. The Task Force’s data-centered, community-focused recommendations should provide District leaders with the solutions they so urgently seek.

Some progress has been made as implementation has begun or been substantially completed on 41% of the recommendations. Recommendations were Substantially Implemented in areas as diverse as community investments to prevent law enforcement contact, release from incarceration, and reentry.

“In February 2021, the District Task Force on Jails & Justice issued its Phase II report which included 80 thoughtful and concrete recommendations designed to shape D.C.’s budget and policies in ways that will result in a transformative system overhaul over 10 years. The report card that we issue today allows us to celebrate important progress made to date and to highlight areas where policymakers must do the work if we are to make good on the promise to realize a more fair and equitable criminal justice system going forward,” says Shelley Broderick, Chair of the District Task Force on Jails & Justice.

The Task Force is an independent advisory body, founded in 2019, dedicated to redefining the District's approach to incarceration by building city-wide engagement; centering the voices of those with lived experiences; understanding community priorities; and exploring the use and design of secure detention and community-based solutions. The Council for Court Excellence – with our partner, The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens – brought together and supported the distinguished group of Task Force members.


To learn more about the Task Force’s Phase II report, how to get involved in advocacy efforts, or to request an interview or briefing please contact or call (202) 785-5917. 

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