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CCE Adopts its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Summary
Strategic Plan 

CCE’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan was formally adopted by CCE’s Board of Directors on December 9, 2021. It was developed by the Strategic Planning Committee, which convened from August to October 2021. This plan will help CCE build upon its legacy of impactful work while clarifying its organizational identity and right-sizing its staff and Board capacities. Moreover, for the first time, both CCE’s internal and external priorities will be approached with an intentional focus on race equity.

CCE’s 40th Anniversary in 2022 presents us with a unique opportunity to lean into the organization’s collective values and strengths to make progress toward our vision of a justice system in the District that equitably serves its people and continues to be a model for creating stronger and more prosperous communities.

The 2022-2024 Strategic Plan identifies six pillars for CCE to pursue over the next three years:

1.  CCE must continue and enhance its reputable, impactful work of building better justice in D.C.
2.  CCE must clearly articulate a race equity agenda with both internal and external priorities.
3.  CCE must develop a unified, focused, and refreshed organizational identity that infuses our values into our internal processes and external work, and communicate that identity clearly to partners and the public.
4.  CCE must realistically scale its workload to be sustainable and to correspond to its staff and volunteer capacity.
5.  CCE must continue to diversify its staff and Board of Directors.
6.  CCE must increase Board engagement in the leadership and execution of its work.

“As an organization celebrating its 40th year anniversary, CCE has a rich and proud history, full of contributions to improving justice in D.C. To sustain our positive impact on the District and grow with those who we serve, there is more work to be done. This Strategic Plan aims to help us sustain our significant programmatic work and inclusive model, while also examining CCE’s systems and approaches to make sure we are infusing our values and principles into all aspects of the organization,” says CCE’s Executive Director Misty Thomas.

New Documents or Policies (As Contemplated in the Strategic Plan) Adopted To Date:


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