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Scarlet Oak Circle

The Scarlet Oak Circle recognizes individuals who give a cumulative annual amount of $1,200 or more, exclusive of board dues and event tickets.

We take the name of our donor recognition program from the District of Columbia’s official tree, the scarlet oak (quercus coccinea). In many cultures throughout the ages, oak trees have symbolized several admirable traits, including stability, community, leadership, and generosity. As D.C.’s official tree, the scarlet oak is the perfect symbol to identify CCE’s most generous donors, who demonstrate leadership in ensuring CCE’s financial stability, which helps improve justice for the entire community.

Click here to join the Scarlet Oak Circle with an annual gift of $1,200 or more. Secure online donations can be one-time or automatically recurring (monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

Scarlet Oak Circle
Individual Donors who contributed $1,200 or more between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017

The Anne and Ronald Abramson Family Foundation
Caryl S. Bernstein

Carol Elder Bruce
Paulette E. Chapman
David H. Cox

Cary M. Feldman
Marc L. Fleischaker
Laura R. Handman
Michael Hays
Larry Hinton
Hon. Sven E. Holmes
James H. Hulme
Hon. Marie C. Johns
Peter R. Kolker
Maryanne R. Lavan
David & Nancy Lesser
Patrick McGlone
Irvin B. Nathan
Thorn L. Pozen
Benjamin J. Razi
Danny Reed
James J. Sandman
Brian L. Schwalb
Marc B. Sherman
Earl J. Silbert
Jack E. Strausman
Steuart H. Thomsen
James P. Tuite
Theodore C. Whitehouse

CCE appreciates gifts of any amount, which provide resources essential for justice excellence in the District of Columbia.Many thanks to all of our dedicated supporters.

Scarlet Acorns
Donors who contributed between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017 

Charles D. Ablard
Hon. Mary Ellen Abrecht (Ret.) & Gary Abrecht
Hon. James A. Belson (Ret.)
The Bench Trail Fund
Joel P. Bennett
Jane C. Bergner
Emanuel Boasberg
Linda L. Bostick
Hon. Diane M. Brenneman
Dr. Edward J. Burger
Caplin & Drysdale Chartered
Pat Carome
William J. Carter
Sherman L. Cohn
Michael F. Curtin
David J. Cynamon
Hon. Stephen Eilperin
Cary M. Feldman
Hon. John M. Ferren
Hon. Fern Flanagan Saddler
Lois Frankel
Stuart Gerson
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Leslye Givarz
Eric Glover
Heather S. Goldman
Hon. Henry and Karen Greene
Newman T. Halvorson Jr.
Samuel F. Harahan
Stephen D. Harlan
Theodore C. Hirt
William & Marie Hoffman
Christopher G. Hoge
Hughes Hubbard & Reed
John R. Ingrassia
Hon. Craig S. Iscoe
William H. Jeffress Jr.
Barbara K. Kagan
Samuel Kaplan
John B. (Jay) Kennedy
Eugene J. Kenney
Benjamin B. Klubes
Paul L. Knight
Hon. Neal E. Kravitz
June B. Kress
Hon. Richard A. Levie (Ret.)
Bridget Bailey Lipscomb
Victor E. Long
John Longstreth
Richard W. Luchs
James L. Lyons
Judith Macaluso
Daniel Margolis
Richard S.T. Marsh
Julia A. Matthews
James McKay
Charles A. Miller
Hon. Gregory E. Mize
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
G.Thomas and Janice Munsterman
Dwight D. Murray
John W. Nields Jr.
Rodney F. Page
Thomas C. Papson and Toby G. Singer
Mary K. Parker
Laurence D. Pearl
Linda E. Perle
David Perry
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
Jonathan Pittman
Ann Powers
Daniel A. Rezneck
Hon. Bennett Rushkoff
David Ryner
James Sadowski
Steven M. Schneebaum
Elizabeth A. Scully
David Sellers
Susan W. Shaffer
Alexander Sierck
Lewis Smith & Priscilla Skillman
Ronald Stern & Elisse Walter
Joseph Tulman
Andrew S. Tulumello
Kathleen E. Voelker
Michael Waldman
Natalie Walker
Virginia Watkin
Seth Waxman
Benjamin F. Wilson
Mary B. Winter
Christopher Wolf
Hon. Peter Wolf
Catherine A. Woods
Charles R. Work
Cynthia G. Wright
Robert Yerman
Zach Zarnow

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists. Please bring any omissions or errors to our attention.


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