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Children in the Justice System-OLD

CCE has been working for more than 25 years to improve services and outcomes for the city’s children who are touched by court processes. CCE has employed its full toolkit on behalf of DC children: training, community education, research, evaluation, and advocacy. You can find all project reports and testimony in the Digital Library of this website.

Currently, the Council is focused on exploring the content and the implementation of school discipline policies in both DC Public Schools and the numerous DC charter schools.

The Council is also focused on children who are caught in custody battles between their parents. CCE is advocating that the Family Court adopt practice standards for lawyers who represent those children, to raise the quality of the evidence presented to the judges who must make custody decisions.  

To improve the District’s foster care system, CCE facilitated the work of the DC Child Welfare Leadership Team from 1999 to 2012. CCE believes the child welfare system’s top priority now should be reducing the time children spend in foster care waiting to be adopted.   

CCE continues to distribute its Guide to the DC Juvenile Justice SystemWe also advocate for policies that improve public safety through more accountable rehabilitation services close to home for adjudicated delinquents.  





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