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Even the best journalist can easily become lost in the thicket of unfamiliar terms, strangely named offices, and complicated procedures that is a court system. Easily lost, that is, unless he or she has a good guidebook.

With the publication of this Handbook, the Council for Court Excellence has tried to provide just such a guide to reporters following stories into the District’s complex court system. The Council is to be applauded for producing a guide which is clear, concise and remarkably free of jargon. It is complete and authoritative, a very useful tool for the reporter striving to produce accurate, balanced and fair journalism.

Understanding the court system is essential if a reporter expects to produce accurate articles, and accuracy has never been more important. Explaining and reporting on the legal system is a vital part of fulfilling the news media’s role of explaining democracy to citizens. Confusion and errors undermine the role.

The Council has done a great service to the news media – and to society – in producing this important document.

Jack Murphy
Executive Director


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