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DC Council hearing on truancy relates to new CCE project

The District of Columbia has a longstanding problem of poor school attendance, high dropout rates, and low levels of high school graduation. Keeping kids in school is important not only to their education and future prospects; it also provides protection from involvement in the juvenile justice system.

On November 8, Chairman Phil Mendelson and the D.C. Council held its second quarterly hearing about how the D.C. Public Schools and other D.C. agencies are working together this year to reduce truancy.

But researchers have also identified a strong link between students being suspended or expelled from school and their likelihood of becoming truant, dropping out, or engaging in criminal behavior. Some D.C. schools have high suspension rates.

CCE's Children in the Courts Committee has been working this year to delve into the issue of school discipline in both the DC Public Schools and the DC Charter Schools. We will identify how CCE can best contribute to policies and practices that will keep students in school until they receive a diploma and a better chance at a productive life.

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