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CCE to Survey the DC Employer Community

The Council for Court Excellence, as part of its DC Prisoner Reentry Initiative, is considering holding an educational forum for the DC employer community about recent and current developments in law and policy about hiring people with criminal records who represent ten percent of the District’s population. While the city’s economy continues to grow, it appears that some of our neighborhoods and neighbors, particularly East of the River, are being left further behind.

To gauge interest in such an educational forum, CCE is administering a brief, 4-question survey of DC employers, and we really need your input!  The survey asks if the employer has previously hired a person with a criminal record or would consider hiring a qualified person with a criminal record; if the employer has a policy about hiring people with criminal records; and if the employer is interested in attending an educational program about recent developments in federal and DC law and policy about hiring people with criminal records.
The survey will take less than 2 minutes to complete.  We hope you’ll consider completing the survey or forwarding to the person in your firm or company that manages the hiring process for both professionals and administrative personnel:

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