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CCE Sends Letter to U.S. Senators on Need to fill DC Judicial Vacancies

On Monday, July 30, Irvin Nathan, in his capacity as President of the Council for Court Excellence, sent a letter to select members of the United States Senate to encourage their action in confirming judicial nominations for the D.C. Superior Court and the Court of Appeals. Currently, ten out of 62 judicial seats at D.C. Superior Court remain vacant, resulting in a diminished court capacity of nearly 18%. Additionally, the D.C. Court of Appeals has two of its nine judicial positions vacant. These vacancies result in jam-packed dockets for the sitting judges and, therefore, threaten the ability of our local courts to hear cases that deeply affect the lives of the District’s citizens in a timely manner. In addition to presiding over trials and appeals, judges contribute to the effective management of the courts by serving on committees, managing divisions, and managing specialized courts. These roles are also stretched-thin when our courts are under-staffed. Thus, these confirmations are critical to D.C.’s justice-seeking citizens, jurors, businesses and other litigants, lawyers who practice in the courts, and judges alike. CCE seeks to remind the Senate that their active role in the nomination process for our local courts is imperative in order to restore the District's justice system’s ability to operate in a timely, fair and just manner. You can read CCE's letter here

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