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CCE Awarded 2019 Grant to Study Building a New Jail in D.C.

There is widespread agreement in the District of Columbia that the current correctional facility, which opened 42 years ago, must be revamped. Beyond the facility’s physical needs, CCE believes that planning for the future must include a broader consideration of how a jail should best be used and what is the appropriate scale for our community. This requires an understanding of the public health and public safety needs of the District, and a holistic focus on how a new facility fits into the city leaders’ and residents’ priorities to make our community safer and healthier for all.

The Council for Court Excellence has receive FY2019 funding from the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants to focus on best practices and community vision for a new correctional facility. CCE is partnering with the Vera Institute of Justice and the National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens to complete this work.

The process will include meaningful community engagement, analysis  of how D.C. currently incarcerates people in the District and who we are incarcerating, research on best practices in promoting rehabilitation in jails, implementable models of alternatives to incarceration, and the creation of a commission of community stakeholders to provide oversight and guidance for the project. If you are interested in providing feedback or participating in community engagement events, please e-mail

UPDATE: For more information about this project and the District Task Force on Jails & Justice, please visit:

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