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The Council for Court Excellence works to improve the administration of justice in the local and federal courts and related agencies in the Washington metropolitan area. Formed in Washington, DC in January 1982, the Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization.

Latest News

  • Goodbye to Pete Willner

    Goodbye to Pete Willner

    July 3, 2014 marked Pete Willner’s last day at CCE, after nearly 17 years. “CCE has been where I’ve spent most of my professional life and it’s been the perfect job for me,” Pete said. “Every day is different and every project has been challenging and rewarding. The projects attract and engage a wide variety of talented and committed people.”

  • Welcome Zach Zarnow

    Welcome Zach Zarnow

    Please join us in welcoming CCE’s newest staff member, Zach Zarnow. Zach is CCE’s Jury Analyst and will be responsible for leading the jury project as CCE undertakes a comprehensive review of jury service in the District of Columbia.

  • School Jury Education Program Celebration

    School Jury Education Program Celebration

    On Monday, June 30th CCE Vice President Pat McGlone and Kevin Taylor hosted a celebration in honor of CCE's School Jury Education Program. For 20 years, CCE has visited DC high school classrooms to train tomorrow’s jurors about our jury system. The Council brings our video of a mock trial and asks the students to become the jury and try to reach a unanimous verdict in the case. CCE brings a judge with us to each class, to preside over the lesson, guide the students through the jury deliberation, and answer their questions about jury service – or anything else. The video lesson works equally well with adult groups in the community, and CCE has also used it successfully with students as young as middle school.

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